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International Academic Conference on Sustainable Development (IACSD)

May 12, 2019 | Singapore

Virtual Conference?

We understand that some presenters will not be unable to make the trip to Conference Venue to present their research paper, case study, work in progress and report, mainly due to financial and/or political restrictions on travel. The IACSD has therefore instituted a virtual presentation system to allow the authors of accepted papers the same publication opportunities as regular presenters. A research works submitted without the participant attending the conference in person, but presented via video conferencing are refereed and published (if accepted) in the conference proceedings.

IACSD - 2019

International Academic Conference on Sustainable Development scheduled on 12th May, 2019 at Singapore the Virtual conference has been the premier international venue for the presentation of research results in the broad area of Environmental, Food, Health, Energy, Economic & Socio-Cultural Sustainability.

IACSD will provide an excellent international forum for sharing knowledge, experience, recent innovations, trends, and concerns, practical challenges encountered and inclusive growth of economy through IT in critical areas like E-Governance, E-Commerce, Disaster Management, GIS, Geo-Spatial Technologies, Nano-Technology, Intellectual Property Rights, AI And Expert Systems, Computer Science, Engineering(Software, Mechanical, Civil, Electronics & Electrical), Technology, Networking, Soft Computing, High Performance Computing And Other Emerging Technologies. The primary goal and vision of IACSD-2019 is to promote research and developmental activities and to promote scientific information virtually interchange between researchers, developers, engineers, students, academicians and practitioners working in and around the world.

Call For Papers

Authors are invited to submit complete unpublished papers, which are not under review in any other conference or journal in the following tracks, but not limited to:

1. Environmental, Food, and Health Sustainability on: Biomedical Technologies | Food and Environmental Legislation | Food Production and Consumption | Global Warming | Green Technologies | Healthcare Issues | Industrial Wastes | Informational Technology | Smart Cities | Soil Conservation | Urban Planning | Urban Transportation | Wastewater | Water Conservation |

2. Sustainable Energy on: Bio-Energy | Energy Efficient Buildings | Fossil Fuels | Geothermal Energy | Hydroelectricity | Nuclear Energy | Solar Energy | Tidal Power | Wave Power | Wind Energy |

3. Economic Sustainability on: Banking and Finance | Business | Business Ethics | Customer Relationship Management | Disaster Management | E-Commerce | Emerging Countries | Entrepreneurship Management | Event Management | High-technology and new media marketing | Human Resources Management | International Trade | Large Enterprises | Logistics Management | Management Information System | Marketing | Organizational Behavior and Industrial Relations | Project Management | Small and Medium Enterprises | Supply Chain Management | Technology Management |

4. Socio-Cultural Sustainability on: Architecture | Cultural Routes | Design Processes | Education | Farming | Housing | Human | Learning Environment | Psychology | Rural Development | Sociology | Tourism | Urbanism |

Submit your paper via E-mail to in .doc or .pdf format.

Paper Submission Deadline

1st May, 2019

Acceptance Notification

4th May, 2019

Registration Deadline

7th May, 2019

Conference Date

12th May, 2019


Registration Fee for Conference + Journal

  • Virtual Presentation + Scopus Journal: 300 USD 
  • Virtual Presentation + Journal Publishing: 120 USD
  • Virtual Presentation without Journal publishing: 80 USD
Please note that Proceedings of Conference will be published in Soft Copy only. All registered candidates will get an opportunity to present their research papers. Also, every participant will receive a participation soft-copy of certificate.

Author Guidelines

Paper Submission
Submission of a paper implies that the work described has not been published previously (except in the form of an abstract or academic thesis) and is not under consideration for publication elsewhere. The submission should be approved by all the authors of the paper. If a paper is finally accepted, the authorities, where the work had been carried out, shall be responsible for not publishing the work elsewhere in the same form. Paper, once submitted for consideration in Conference, cannot be withdrawn unless the same is finally rejected.

Authors will be required to submit, MS-Word compatible (.doc, .docx), papers. While preparing and formatting papers, authors must confirm to the under-mentioned MS-Word (.doc, .docx) format:-

Send Abstract or Full Paper To: along-with the name and city of the conference.

Virtual Participant

Virtual category open doors for publication of your abstract and/or your paper without attending the Conference.

Who can register under Virtual category:-

• If your abstract has been selected for Virtual category - you should submit your full paper and/or PowerPoint presentation before the deadline
• If you wish to publish your paper in the conference publications, but have difficulties to attend the Conference in person – you should submit their abstracts for review before the deadline

Virtual authors can submit PowerPoint presentations in addition to the paper submission (optional). These presentations will be uploaded in the IIARP YouTube conference link. So that conference participants will have access to all virtual presentations during and after the conference.

The Virtual registration includes the following:

1. An abstract book (PDF) with ISBN number
2. Review your paper (if you submit before the deadline)
3. Publication of your paper as part of the conference proceedings (online with ISBN)
4. A letter of acceptance (PDF)- ( if you submit your presentation/paper )
5. Upload your presentation slides to the IIARP YouTube.
6. Receive your e-certificate and your Conference Proceeding book (PDF) immediately after the conference.

Later, the Proceedings of the conferences will be submitted to ISI Thomson and SCOPUS for evaluation and possible indexing. In addition the proceedings will be indexed at DOI-CrossRef, Google Scholar, DPI Digital Library, and all major search engines.

Publish your paper without attending..................

Content Guidelines

Responsibility for any virtual presentation by a presenter that breaches content guidelines:

We can only accept videos you created yourself

• You must own or hold all necessary rights (copyrights, etc.) to your video.
• “So-and-so gave me permission” does not mean you created it.
• You can upload videos that you appear in or helped create (as director, DP, editor, musician, motion graphics artist, actor, etc.) as long as you have the necessary permissions from the copyright holder

We cannot accept certain types of content:

• No rips of movies, music, television, or any other third party copyrighted material. Read more about copyright and fair use.
• No sexually explicit material or pornography. (Artistic and non-sexual nudity is allowed.
• No videos that are hateful, harass others, or include defamatory or discriminatory speech.
• No videos that depict or promote unlawful acts, extreme or real-life violence, self-harm, or cruelty toward animals.

Please ensure you send us your video before the start of the conference to allow time for the video to be checked and uploaded before the start of the conference.

The style of the presentation is up to you. Some delegates choose to record themselves presenting, while others convert a PowerPoint presentation into a video. Please see Below Link for more information and guidance on this process.


Our main objective is to attract researchers from different fields to share their knowledge and scientific breakthroughs to a wide audience under one roof.


We deeply believe that sharing information and staying up to date is a key aspect for success.


Sometimes we lose time looking for a solution that others have found already!

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